Above the Battlefield

July 21, 2021

Let’s stand on the mountaintop consciousness and admire the view from above the battlefield.

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Are you feeling it? A lot of us are. It’s what I call that energetic weather. It feels like life is squeezing us – a little or a lot – and we can run the old patterns of upset or we can remember to laugh.

I’m noticing what feels like old, old karma coming up for healing. I say, GOOD! Let it come up for healing.

I wish to be done with it FOREVER!

While I might not enjoy feeling squeezed about things. I don’t like it when people dump their emotional baggage on me and try to make me feel responsible for it.

I don’t like when people are trying to make me feel guilty or bad, especially because it doesn’t work. I’m not interested in that anymore.

It’s one thing when it’s happening with a friend or someone close to me and we can discuss it. When it’s someone that I don’t have a personal relationship with, then it can feel like it’s more challenging to be truly helpful.

How to be truly helpful with someone who is blaming and not taking responsibility?

Don’t buy it.
Don’t fight it.
Have compassion, but don’t take it on.
I Hold the Light.
I see them in the Light with me.
No separation.
I put the Higher Holy Spirit Self in charge.
I decide for Love and let Spirit make the rest of the decisions.

I’d rather stay above the battlefield and remember the view from the mountaintop.

That way, I really can be truly helpful.

People can have wrong thinking, but I don’t have to make them wrong for it. I can be compassionate and hold the high watch. It’s a lot easier than getting down into the fray with them.

Putting Spirit in charge is the decision I make.

I am not a victim of the world I see.

Remember, while this energy weather storm seems to be stirring things up, our true reality is heaven.

Heaven is at hand, even if we don’t believe in it.

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3 Responses to “Above the Battlefield”

  1. Paula Martin says:

    Blessed Jennifer, I am definitely feeling the energetic weather. It’s exhausting. When I wake in the early morning and feel “fear”, I ask Holy Spirit Self to help me to release. I accept that I am doing this practice for others, everyone and everything, along with my self. However, it’s wearing. It gives me new courage and support to read your Morning Espresso and know that I am not alone. I am grateful for the mighty support of our Community. Grateful for your incredible stamina to keep on keeping on, and guiding us on the way. I commit to keep on keeping on — for Love’s Sake. Much Love to you and all who take part in in the Power of Love Ministry.

  2. Fuego Pazzo says:

    Thank you as always, for parting the clouds. Hopefully today I can focus on the truth of only love today


    Full moon coming in a couple days! And one of the times you mentioned energetic weather a friend fell out of bed, not my bed, LOL.

    I love you thank you ☺️ 🙏🏻✨

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