Believe It Or Not

July 26, 2021

We can live supported by the flow of Love in our heart.

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Playing small is self-sabotage and I can’t think of any way that I’ve played smaller than when I’ve withheld Love and kindness from someone because I was mad at them.

I wish I had learned early on in my life that to withhold Love is to punish myself.

Nothing hurts me more than harboring grievances, grudges and resentments. As has been said, holding a resentment is liking taking poison and hoping to injure someone else. Yes, it does hurt others because we’re all one, but no one is injured more than the one who holds the resentment.

In my experience of holding onto grievances, not only did I ruin those days, I took myself out of the flow of Love, insight, intuition, prosperity, abundance, healing and wholeness.

If you’re feeling ANY kind of a lack, then the first order of business is to forgive yourself for taking yourself out of the flow of Love whether you can recognize that you did it or not.

We can’t experience lack without having taken ourselves out of the flow of Love – and that usually involves many multitudes of moment by moment decisions to withhold Love and compassion. We did it to ourselves.

We are responsible for what we see and what we choose to feel whether we believe it or not.

The law of cause and effect works whether we believe it or not.

What’s wonderful is that no matter how low we’ve fallen, no matter how depleted, helpless and hopeless we feel, we can step back into the flow of Love immediately by giving up our grudges.

I’m so grateful I don’t have to play small anymore.
I’m so grateful I don’t have to sabotage myself anymore.
I am so grateful to be in the flow of Love!

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