Deciding to Be Masterful

July 30, 2021
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Let’s celebrate our decision to BE masterful!

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When I began working with A Season For Nonviolence in 1997 I made a commitment to live a nonviolent life. I see now that it was a commitment to Masterful Living. By intentionally aligning myself with the consciousness of nonviolence, I was following in the footsteps of Mother Teresa, M.K. Gandhi, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Buddha, Jesus – the master teachers and I aligned myself with them on an energetic level.

True conscious mastery came when I realized that taking offense at others was not in alignment with my practice of nonviolence. I discovered that when I took offense I was calling forth a violent energy within myself. Generally I didn’t let people know (at least not directly) that they’d offended me and so that violent energy was directed within. I saw so clearly that every time I took offense I was creating pain within myself and therefore being violent to myself. I also got real about the fact that I had a lot of anger and I was using the excuse of taking offense to vent some of it.

Being masterful and living masterfully has been such a life-changing goal. It’s all about making conscious choices and DECIDING to be masterful.

I saw that taking offense was a choice. I didn’t HAVE to become offended when someone cut me off in traffic. In fact, as I began to practice choosing not to take offense I saw that life was markedly easier and more enjoyable. I discovered that taking offense had been a major energy drain. I started to feel lighter and naturally more loving and caring. After all, it’s absolutely impossible to be loving and take offense at the same time. Amazingly, I pretty much gave up taking offense altogether.

We can become unbotherable – not because we’re inured to upset, but because we no longer have triggers. We’ve de-installed them. Like old landmines, we’ve dug them up and let them go!
Today, if something happens and you notice the old energetic that reminds you that you have an opportunity to take offense, you can feel it and decide to be grateful that you can’t be bothered.

Let’s decide to be Masterful and unbotherable.

If the choice is between being loving and taking offense, you can gratefully make the loving choice. By choosing to be masterful you are moving the whole world in a direction of peace every day. Congratulations! You’re living your life purpose!!

We can choose to live masterfully – it’s a daily, moment by moment choice, that is not beyond anyone and brings limitless benefits.

It doesn’t cost us anything extra, but it brings so much good!

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