Eradicate Self-Doubt

July 31, 2021

Our Soul Knows

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Many have a tendency to second guess and doubt themselves.  When we doubt whether or not we can succeed then our trust and faith is not in Spirit, but in our own abilities.  

When I’m relying only upon my self, and I see my self as being separate from Source, of course I’ll doubt.  Only when I rely upon Spirit can I eliminate doubt.

I used to doubt myself so much.  And now I know that self-doubt is insanity.  It’s plain crazy!  Self-doubt is when the ego mind says:

“You don’t have what it takes”

Spirit ALWAYS has what it takes to do whatever it would like to do. 


When we’re aligned with ego we’ll be filled with doubt, BECAUSE the ego can only accomplish that which is not worth accomplishing. THEREFORE it’s naturally filled with doubt. 

What the ego can accomplish is only of this world, and has no lasting value.
What the ego can accomplish is only that which can lead to your suffering.
The value of suffering is that it PUSHES us to wake up and choose Spirit.

That’s about all the ego really has for us at this point. Motivation to stop suffering.

What does that motivation really come from? Increased suffering! 

Is that any way to live?

Unfortunately, yes, it is, and I have lived that way and it absolutely got me to the point where I said

“I’ve had ENOUGH. I AM choosing LOVE!”


Who knew that in this world one of the best things that could ever happen is that my suffering would become intolerable and I would totally give up and surrender my life to the Higher Holy Spirit Self and then be grateful for everything I’ve experienced?  What a wild ride!  

I’m so glad to learn that Spirit never fails!

I’ve learned to count on Spirit and to place my trust and faith in Spirit, and that’s the challenge.

The challenge is learning to trust.  Trust is a result of willingness. 

I learned to focus on cultivating a TRUE and honest willingness to be loving, kind, generous and patient – as well as a willingness to take responsibility for my own feelings.  In doing that, the doubt dissipated.

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One Response to “Eradicate Self-Doubt”

  1. Linda says:

    I am so grateful that I have learned how to grow my willingness to trust that everything is for my GoOD, no exceptions.

    Thank you for this reminder! 🌹

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    Let’s Make An Effort
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