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I haven’t got time for the pain

During the last 16 months of Covid, many folks have told me they’ve been struggling with falling into old, self-destructive habits [1].

There’s been a lot of fear, and a lot of isolation and a lot of suffering.  And when that happens, a lot of us turn to self-medication in order to escape the fear and pain, the loneliness.

I used to really struggle with self-medication using all kinds of things, often in combination:

There are many other kinds of self-medication:

It’s not the activity, it’s WHY we’re doing it. None of the things above is inherently bad or wrong, but if we’re doing it to distract from our pain, we’re affirming a sense of helplessness. We don’t feel empowered to do something healthy about our challenges. We’re self-medicating to escape how we feel and that triggers feelings of shame [2] and guilt [3].

For instance, sleeping is so healthy and good for us, but if we’re doing it to avoid how we feel, then it’s a challenge.

Plus, sometimes we go to extremes with self-medication and hurt ourselves, like eating or drinking so much we’re hungover from it.

I’m offering my 6 day challenge so that together we can look at one of the most common issues that spiritual students struggle with. I struggled with this for DECADES and it was probably the greatest cause of suffering in my life – and it was all completely self-inflicted. Ugh.

Fortunately, I learned so much from it – and I gained TRUE humility which has opened up my awareness to Spirit.

Are you ready for a challenge?

I never thought I’d get past the struggle with self-medication and self-sabotage, but I did – because of my spiritual practices.  And that’s what I’d like to share with you.  

End My Self Sabotage Challenge

Starts July 17

Get The Motivation & Support to Free Yourself

From Self-Medication So You Can Live A Life You Love!


This challenge is about gaining awareness and becoming inspired. This is about motivation not information. Information isn’t healing [5], but expanded awareness is! Let’s get some expanded awareness together!!

Most people fall into self-medication at one time or another, and for some people it’s a very addictive and compulsive habit that is demoralizing self-sabotage that keeps us playing small and feeling shameful. Enough!!

Let’s gain awareness and become inspired to make some changes.

Awareness is always healing.

Let’s gain the motivation to be more self-loving, to release shame and to open our hearts to having more energy [6] to live a life we truly LOVE!

Click here to learn more and join my challenge [4]

One of the most challenging aspects of my life was grappling with self-sabotage and self-medication.  That’s why I started doing my program to End My Self-Sabotage Challenge – we begin July 17 – check out the details here. [4]This is one of my best offers ever!