- Jennifer Hadley - https://jenniferhadley.com -

Peeling Off the Painful Patterns

Sometimes we feel so intensely dismayed and discouraged when the repeating pain patterns are so evident.

When we find ourselves having the same painful arguments and the same painful thoughts, AGAIN, it can feel like we’re completely failing at life.

What if, we’re experiencing these things because our Higher Holy Spirit Self is helping us to pay attention?

When there’s plenty of upset, it’s as though the painful patterns are WHITE HOT for healing.

They’re so RIPE, and the moment is perfect for us to go the other way and make a new choice [1] for Love.

It often feels like a sign that we’re failing when we get stuck in a loop of negativity, but I believe it can be Spirit’s way of helping us to find the impetus to do something different.

I find the two most helpful [2] tools are Partnering UP and Self-Forgiveness.

They work for me every time.

The more we clear,
the more we hear the voice of Inspiration.

We can make life a whole lot easier [3] for ourselves.

Now is the time of our healing and transformation. Right NOW!