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July 23, 2021

We can be washed clean of spiritual immaturity.

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It’s so common that when people get triggered into upset that they look around for someone to blame, and then they attack – even if they’re attacking themselves. That’s what I did most of my life. I had a case of spiritual immaturity, and I’m so glad I’m getting over it! Phew!

I’ve noticed that if a person feels truly powerful they don’t do that.

They don’t blame others, and they realize they’re the ones who decide how they feel.

People who are secure in themselves don’t need to attack others. They can take responsibility for their actions as well as their perceptions and their emotions.

Another interesting fact is that folks who take responsibility for their thoughts, emotions and actions naturally feel better about themselves and more in alignment with the only power there is – Love. Interesting, yes?

I’ve witnessed in my own mind that the more I take responsibility for what occurs in my life the more Peace I have – just like it says in ACIM.

I’m glad that we can find simple ways to experience more Peace, more Love and more Joy.

We don’t have to search the world over for some guru in a cave and we don’t have to learn some secret mantra.

Taking responsibility for what we see and how we feel about it, along with giving up blame and judgment will put us into a healing frame of mind and then our life is on an entirely different track.

What are the thoughts you’re willing to give up in order to have true Peace? Do it now! Why wait?

Would you like people to practice with? It’s not too late, you can still join us:

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This challenge is about gaining awareness and becoming inspired. This is about motivation, not information. Information isn’t healing, but expanded awareness is! Let’s get some expanded awareness together!!

Let’s gain awareness and become inspired to make some changes. Awareness is always curative.

Let’s gain the motivation to be more self-loving, to release shame, and to open our hearts to have more energy to live a life we truly LOVE!

We’ll do it together! We’ll release the resistance and reluctance together. Let’s get that out of the way so we can get on with being truly helpful!

Click here to learn more and join my challenge.

Honestly, I never thought I’d get past the struggle with self-medication and self-sabotage, but I did – because of my spiritual practices. And that’s what I’d like to share with you – a path to Freedom.

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