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Spiritual Bravery

I feel very blessed to participate with so many people who are cultivating the courage and strength of heart [1] and mind to look within in order to make new and loving choices. So often, I see people delay their awakening, healing and expansion as well as their happiness, because they are afraid of what they might see when they look within.

I’m consistently inspired by the brave people in my classes and in my weekly Sacred Circle [2] Spiritual Counseling call who are willing to share their challenges, insights and willingness in order to have a breakthrough that changes their life.

Just to be willing to have a breakthrough takes courage!

Small changes can, with continued practice, become life-changing. Like the smallest shift [3] in the trajectory of a rocket. What might seem like the tiniest shift in this moment, can become a huge difference over the course of a year.

People who are willing to do even a small amount of spiritual practice are heroes.

People who are willing to hold a vision for a life without suffering are heroes. People who are willing to cultivate an active compassion for themselves and the people in their lives are heroes.

It’s easy to attack, blame [4] and shame [5]. It’s cowardly to withhold Love and hide from challenges. It’s easy to be cowardly, but the cost is simply too high. Now is the time for us to rise and shine.

Our courage comes from our willingness to be “co-workers with God,” as Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. called it. He’s one of my heroes too.

We can be heroes together.

We can experience true Freedom and spiritual liberation.

We have what it takes. We are doing this!

I never thought I’d get past the struggle with self-medication and self-sabotage, but I did – because of my spiritual practices.

And that’s what I’d like to share with you.

End My Self Sabotage Challenge

Starts July 17
Get The Motivation & Support to Free Yourself
From Self-Medication So You Can Live A Life You Love!


This program is about gaining awareness and becoming inspired. This is about motivation not information. Information isn’t healing, but expanded awareness is! Let’s get some expanded awareness together!!

Most people fall into self-medication at one time or another, and for some people it’s a very addictive and compulsive habit that is demoralizing self-sabotage that keeps us playing small and feeling shameful. Enough!!

Let’s gain awareness and become inspired to make some changes. Awareness is always healing.

Let’s gain the motivation to be more self-loving, to release shame and to open our hearts to having more energy to live a life we truly LOVE!