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Sweet Celebration

Yesterday I drove from Vermont to Rhode Island along with two members of the Power of Love Ministry staff, Shawne and Glazy. We drove to RI to be with fellow staff member, Angela and her daughter Justine and Masterful Living [1] participants Rich and Karen.

What a blessing it is to get together after this long period of being separated because of the pandemic.

We still have a ways to go to be on the other side of this pandemic, but it’s great to be able to hug our loved ones again and to join together and have fun just being in each others company IN PERSON!

Karen made us strawberry shortcake that was so delicious, yet nothing is sweeter than to be together and enjoy our connection [2]. We even got to meditate together with folks on zoom and it was a spiritual party for all!

While I’m celebrating this precious milestone in my own experience, I’m very aware that there are millions of people who will not be able to hug their loved ones because they didn’t come through the pandemic alive in physical form.

I’m holding these people in my heart [3].

Blessing [4] these families and friends and knowing [5] for them that some greater good is emerging for all.

Let us send a blessing in all directions to our brothers and sisters today and every day!