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The Attraction of Victimhood

Today on my podcast I’m sharing about The Attraction of Victimhood. [1]

It can be so strong.  It can feel magnetic.  It can feel like we’re a hamster on a wheel repeating the same loop.

Personally, I really liked the idea of being able to blame [2] other people for my woes.  I was able to ignore the fact that blaming others left me feeling worse about myself.  

The magnetic attraction to playing the victim card in our life and our relationships, in our workplace is that it matches our belief about the world.

When we feel like a victim it’s because of our belief that life is happening TO us.

When we believe that life is happening TO us rather than BY us, we’re in that victim consciousness and then it SEEMS as though blaming others brings relief [3], but it doesn’t.  It actually makes us feel worse – because we’re doing it to ourselves AND we’re attacking another person.  Double whammy.

To release the attachment [4] to playing the victim, we must forgive [5] ourselves for the choices of the past.  And we partner up with Spirit to undo the attraction to the pattern.

These steps work.

They’re free.

And they relieve the causes of suffering.

Real relief is here.