Turning Within Saves Me

July 11, 2021

Happy at home in Vermont

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We’re only a few weeks into summer here in Vermont, but it’s full-on. It feels like heaven to me here in the Green Mountains. I’m finding new rhythms to my day.

At my rental house, I have an old above-ground pool that my roommate got fixed up. I like to start each day with a cold plunge in the pool. It’s invigorating and I enjoy it tremendously. Every day it feels like a victory over the ego that I notice the reluctance and do it anyway because it wakes my body up to greater vitality.

I usually wake up in the morning feeling fully ready to go. That’s good because my days are quite full with my teaching schedule and running the Power of Love Ministry. With all there is to do, I need to make sure I have plenty of time to just BE.

You might recall that at the height of the intensity in India’s liberation from British rule, he said when his schedule was extra full it meant he needed even more time for meditation. I pretty much feel the same way.

One of the reasons why I love my work is that we get to practice together. As much as I like to be alone and still in my mind, and no matter how much alone time I have I don’t feel lonely, I love to do my spiritual practice with others.
I’m in a remote area, surrounded by National Forest. I do yoga online with others and meditation practices too. It’s a beautiful and blessed connection we have and I’m grateful for it.

In Vermont, we’re more than 80% vaccinated and we have a small population anyway so everything is opening up again as much as possible. For many there’s a strong temptation to make plans to go out to restaurants and things that we haven’t been able to do – and I did just have visitors and we did some of that – but mostly, I feel called to be still, to rest, to stay inner focused.

When we’re quiet, silent, resting, that’s when we can more easily connect with the Higher Holy Spirit Self. That’s my favorite thing to do. Right now, I feel a strong imperative to be more and more still and be in spiritual practice. I feel like I’m holding space for all of humanity.

While it may seem like all hell is breaking loose in some places, I feel heaven breaking out within. Heaven is achievable for us.

We must be willing to remember and know this is true.

The remembrance is there in our minds underneath all of our opinions and judgments, worries and fears.

When we offer healing, to the Higher Holy Spirit Self, all of the crazy, stinking thinking, can be lifted and shifted.

We are required to be active and willing participants in this healing.

And so much healing is available for us RIGHT NOW.
Almost every day I get to speak with someone who’s SO grateful for the results they’re experiencing in their sense of well-being, their happiness, and in their family’s happiness. It works when we work it.

I find that extremely comforting – and exciting! We can do something that actually works! We don’t have to struggle along for the rest of our lives!

A Course in Miracles tells us:
It is hard to recognize that thought and belief combine into a power surge that can literally move mountains.

I like to add, “including a mountain of our mental manure!”
I think of it as taking out the trash and clearing the clutter.

There are two keys:

  • Partner UP with the Higher Holy Spirit Self and put Spirit in charge.
  • Self-forgiveness.

These practices work, I’ve watched thousands of people prove it. The question isn’t whether or not these practices work, but will we overcome the resistance and the reluctance to actually do them.

The healing doesn’t happen if we only read about it.

Cultivating the willingness IS the hardest part. And even that we can turn over to the Higher Holy Spirit Self. Each and every one of us has extraordinary help available to us, right now.

We don’t have to figure out HOW to have a healing, we just have to be WILLING to actually ALLOW Spirit to do the work.

So much has changed in my life because I let Spirit do the healing.

I am willing to be led, guided, and directed every single day and that has saved my life from a life of unhappiness.

This summer, I’m inviting you to join me in daily spiritual practice, or even 1 day a week, on zoom. I know the power of consistent practice.

Honestly, I never thought I’d get past the struggle with self-medication and self-sabotage, but I did – because of my spiritual practices. And that’s what I’d like to share with you.

End My Self Sabotage Challenge

Starts July 17
Get The Motivation & Support to Free Yourself
From Self-Medication So You Can Live A Life You Love!


This challenge is about gaining awareness and becoming inspired. This is about motivation, not information. Information isn’t healing, but expanded awareness is! Let’s get some expanded awareness together!!

Most people fall into self-medication at one time or another, and for some people, it’s a very addictive and compulsive habit that is demoralizing self-sabotage that keeps us playing small and feeling shameful. Enough!!

Let’s gain awareness and become inspired to make some changes. Awareness is always curative.

Let’s gain the motivation to be more self-loving, to release shame, and to open our hearts to have more energy to live a life we truly LOVE!

Click here to learn more and join my challenge.

We’ll do it together! We’ll release the resistance and reluctance together. Let’s get that out of the way so we can get on with being truly helpful!

One of the most challenging aspects of my life was grappling with self-sabotage and self-medication. That’s why I started doing my program to End My Self-Sabotage Challenge – we begin next Saturday, July 17 – check out the details here. This is one of my best offers ever!

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