Accepting the Gifts of God

August 3, 2021

My new BFF, Bodhi, is a gift from God to me. What a good, sweet girl she is.

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A Course in Miracles assures us that we have been given all the gifts that God has for us.

Nothing has been held back.  And yet, we still feel as though we’re missing out.  

Many of us feel deprived.

I used to feel that way.

I’ve come to realize that many people who feel depressed believe they’re deprived.  There’s an antidote, and that is to realize that everything has already been given to us, but we do have to accept it.

Let us accept that the Creator has laid all of the greatest gifts at our feet and is inviting us to make the most of them and we’re feeling that we’re lacking because we’re not accepting what has been given already.

We reject the very gifts we say we’d like.  

We say we’d like to receive Abundance and Prosperity and yet those spiritual qualities have already been given to us.  We can’t experience them in the material world until we accept them as part of our nature.

For YEARS I complained about my experience of lack.  I had the greatest sense of lack when I was training to be a Prayer Practitioner.  Everything changed when I prayed to be RECEPTIVE.

Let’s give thanks.  Gratitude multiplies the good.  We’ve already been given EVERYTHING.  The Kingdom IS within. How can we ask for more when there is no more to get.  

Let’s give thanks now, because we already have it ALL!

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    Let’s Make An Effort
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