Giving UP Resistance

August 23, 2021

Freedom comes with the release of our resistance.

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I know I say this often, but one of the things I’m most grateful for is my ability to say “yes” and not hesitate. It wasn’t always the way I operated, for a LONG time I let resistance and reluctance rule my world.

The only thing there is to resist is Love because Love is all there is.

Resistance truly is futile.

It’s also destructive. I know it so well.

I resisted answering my calling and living the life that I knew was mine to live, mostly because it was unfamiliar.

A Course in Miracles is really helpful because it makes clear that trust in Spirit is necessary for our happiness. We think we know what will make us happy, but we don’t. Only following the guidance and being of service will make us truly feel fulfilled and that’s the greatest joy.

Fortunately our willingness is the only requirement.

We only have to be willing to give up the resistance and trade it for trust.

When we put Spirit in charge it’s easy.

Where is Spirit calling you to trust and stop trying to figure it out? I encourage you to do a divine experiment and follow the calling.

We practice development of trust each day and soon it becomes easy!!

Spirit will remove our resistance when we focus on cultivating the willingness and forgiving ourselves for having resisted!

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  1. Mike says:

    When we move from duality to the world of Triality, we the Holy (wholly) Spirit which is intrinsic and gives us our Will (extrinsic). No matter what we activate their is always resistance and reconciling forces (Holy Spirit) are available that allows and supports us moving forward. Values are activating, Beliefs are restraining and Principles are reconciling! A simple example is in working with a Top 5 revenue company, they had been averaging 40 Lost Time accidents per year in about half their company. They declared one of their top 5 values was Safety First in All We Do and their Belief was Accidents are going to happen we do the best we can do thus given them 40/year

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