Not Deluding Myself

August 20, 2021

We can rise and shine, no matter what the past has been.

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The answer to the problems of this world is not in this world.

It’s in our heart.

It’s in our willingness to choose Peace instead of conflict.

As I shared recently, A Course in Miracles tell us all conflict comes from saying we’d like the Peace of God, but then not being willing to employ the means to have it. Conflict comes from choosing something other than Peace, but deceiving ourselves into believing that we actually do want Peace even though we’re not choosing it.

Imagine saying, “I really do wish to be a vegan,” but then ordering a Philly cheese steak.

If you saw someone do that you’d know they really didn’t wish to be a vegan. Or at least you’d know that they were FAR more interested in the Philly cheese steak than being a vegan. You’d also know the person was disingenuous.

Part of my spiritual practice is being real with myself and not deluding myself.

This enables me to be authentic and transparent with others. It’s one thing to enjoy a Philly cheese steak and it’s another thing entirely to pretend to want to be a vegan.

Consider this:

Which is more harmful?

To lie to oneself, and to promote that lie – or to eat a cheese steak?

I’d rather be honest, and real.

We’ve given the Philly cheese steak all the meaning that it has for us. It’s only harmful if we believe it is. However, deception, for any reason is harmful to our psyche.

We can choose Peace instead of that.

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    My Birthday Prayer 2022
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