Power of Forgiveness

August 16, 2021
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Forgiveness is my victory over insanity.

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I’m amazed at how the most stinging, gut wrenching hurts can dissolve into the past when we practice true forgiveness. Without the TRUE forgiveness they can become open, festering wounds that get painfully poked at the worst possible times. It’s like we can never get past it – at least not until we do the true forgiveness work.

Forgiveness is releasing our attachment to the meaning we gave it.

We have to release our attachment to the interpretation we made of what occurred.
Essentially, forgiveness is releasing our opinions about the past.

When we truly forgive then we can move on. We can even forget.

I’m beyond grateful that forgiveness is a tool that actually works. Hurts that I thought I’d never get over I’ve been able to put in the past and rarely think of them. When I do think of them, I’m unbothered.

I’m at Peace.

This is the power of forgiveness.

A Course in Miracles tells us forgiveness offers us everything we want.

Forgiveness removes the blocks to Love and Love heals our heart.

We all resist doing the forgiveness work. Some of us are real grudge and grievance holders. I’m speaking for myself. That’s why I’m SO grateful I learned the healing power of forgiveness.

In our Power of Love Ministry community, we have forgiveness gatherings every week so we can do our forgiveness work together and get extra support.

It’s deeply healing.

Forgiveness took me from miserable to miraculous and that’s no joke. Forgiveness is the way I walk in the world. I forgive and I am victorious!

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2 Responses to “Power of Forgiveness”

  1. Tasha Moroz says:

    So many times when I open and read your daily expresso it is exactly what I need to hear and learn that day. I’m so grateful to you for this.

  2. Lynda Hadley says:

    Forgiveness has changed my entire life. When I finally realized the power of forgiving my self for the erroneous interpretations I give to events, I learned exactly what Jennifer is telling us here. It is the meaning we give to our own actions and those of others that cause us grief. “Love holds no grievances” (lesson 68) manifests the most liberating action I’ve ever taken toward healing my mind. I know peace when I release the power that shame, blame, and regret hold me in the bondage of suffering. “Finding Freedom” taught me how to do this.

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