Prayers for Jon Mundy

August 1, 2021

David Hoffmeister took this selfie of us with Jon some years ago.

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“Prayer is the medium of Miracles.”~ A Course in Miracles

I’m asking for prayers for our friend, Jon Mundy. Apparently, he’s been hospitalized with Covid, Delta variant, and that’s all the information I have about it. Corinne Zupko texted me late last night when she saw it on Facebook and I got her text this morning.

I’ve been studying prayer since 1997 and teaching it for about two decades. I know prayer works. I’ve proved it many, many times.

I can speak for weeks on the topic of prayer, but the main thing is that we’re not praying to GET anything, we’re praying to AFFIRM something.

That’s what affirmative prayer is.

We’re affirming the goodness of God in our lives.

As Jesus says in ACIM, “Ask and it is given because it already has been given.”

So, we pray from that space in our hearts. Our Creator has already given us everything there is to give. Let us make use of it and think correctly.

We don’t need to pray to get something.

We pray to BE it, to see it to appreciate it.

We already have it.

Jon Mundy’s nature is perfect wholeness. Our opportunity at this moment is to know this and affirm it.

We know clearly that Jon’s life is the life of God and that every cell, fiber, and function of his being is in alignment with perfect wholeness.

All is well. Everything works together for Jon’s good and we’re not making an exception.

All is well. We affirm it, we remember it, we all it to fully be made manifest.

And so it is! Amen!

Let’s hold this in our mind for all humanity, for Jon, and for ourselves and our loved ones.

God is Good ALWAYS!

Thank you for being my prayer partner today!

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2 Responses to “Prayers for Jon Mundy”

  1. June M. Turcotte says:

    Dear Jennifer,

    Thank you for letting us know about Jon Mundy. I have met him several times here in Greenfield/Northampton MA area at Unity where he came to teach. And also met him at two different International Course gatherings, NYC and in Boston, where I also met you, we were climbing the stairs to the large conference ballroom and I helped you with some of the things you were carrying, and later attended your workshop where I sat next to a new friend, Lydia Houston, a new Course teacher now. Later attended Dr. Rod Chelberg’s talk where Jon introduced him. Rod gave out copies of When God Calls Say Yes!, and Jon Mundy gave out copies of Miracles Magazine, and signed my copy with love, Jon. So your prayer uplifts my heavy heart, and with God, Jon is upheld and loved, and yes, “..all is well. We affirm it, we remember it, ,,to be fully be made manifest. And so it is! Amen. ” I am holding this prayer for Jon, and for ourselves and our loved ones.” Thank you. June

  2. Victoria Hughes says:

    Jon Mundy rests in the breath of GOD IN PERFECT HEALTH AND PERFECT PEACE.Thank You

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