- Jennifer Hadley - https://jenniferhadley.com -

Reaching for Healthier Relationships

Our relationship experiences can be SO VERY discouraging.  I’ve experienced it quite intensely in my life.  

For many years of my life, I didn’t realize it but my thoughts about myself and about my relationships were so manifesting as experiences that were very painful for me.  I see many others making the same choices I made and having the same experiences.

There are very clear and specific ways that we can reach for healthier relationships and they work.

I’ve witnessed so many people in this ministry, and in our programs, transforming their most intimate relationships (spouses, parents [1], children) and their most important relationships (co-workers, employers, friends) in ways that are profoundly healing [2].

We have to be willing to choose Love instead of attack.

When we see that we actually CAN change our mind about our relationships, and they actually do heal and change, then we’re proving God in our life.

It’s miraculous and it’s inspiring.

We can have holy relationships from the beginning.

After all, we’re meant to live miraculous and inspiring lives.  

That’s what I’m talking about in my podcast today!