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Rising Above Conflict

One of the things I find as I become more internally and emotionally balanced is that I prefer to be at Peace [1]. Many times I see the opportunity [2] to make a case for why I’m right and someone else is wrong, and in the past, I would have jumped at it.

More and more I find I really don’t wish to have that conversation. Who cares if I’m right and they’re wrong? I sure don’t. I could choose Peace instead of letting someone else know I was right and they were wrong.

To quote Bill Murray in the movie Meatballs, “It just doesn’t matter.”

As I said, that’s how I feel more and more of the time. Yet, that’s not always [3] the high road.

It may SEEM like the high road, but it could be just avoidance of conflict.

Earlier in my life I looked for conflict everywhere and found it. I had deep internal conflict and I looked for it everywhere I went.

Now, I like to resolve conflict.

I look to Spirit to show me what the high road is. I don’t assume that it’s the path of less conflict. Sometimes things need to be brought to the light through having a challenging conversation that my inner peacemaker would like to avoid.

This is when I have to look to Spirit to guide me.

I must open my heart and follow the Love in my heart to truly have peace and to be able to rise above conflict.

War is over if we want it.
It’s a new dawn [4], it’s a new day, it’s a new life, for us, if we choose it.

We are the dreamers of the dream.