Saving Grace of Willingness

August 9, 2021
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Watching the folks in my programs, Finding Freedom, Masterful Living, Eliminate My SelfSabotage Challenge and Stop Playing small, and listening to them share their heart’s desire to BE an actively loving presence in their life is so uplifting! There’s a healing that’s happening simply because people are willing.

Willingness is EVERYTHING to me.

Once we’re willing to actually make a change then the Spirit will bring all that’s necessary. Year after year, I see so much healing happen in people’s lives – their bodies, their minds, their relationships, their finances, their creativity, their ministries – so much healing happening because they focused on willingness to be more loving.

Love truly is the power to heal our lives. Love is our natural state and we can choose to align with that Love and it’s miraculous what the results can be.

I’ve learned there’s an amazing fountain of goodness that is available to each and every one of us if we’re willing. Those who are unwilling don’t feel worthy.

We can be willing and the worthiness will come.

Other people don’t have to change,
life doesn’t have to change,
circumstances don’t have to change
in order for us to live a life of extraordinary goodness.
We really do just have to be TRULY willing.

When we’re willing, the medicine, the opportunity, the insight, the clarity will come forward. This I know and I see it proven every day in the people I know. That’s worth living for.

Let’s maximize the power of willingness and shift our lives in a beautiful way today!

You never know when you might be the saving grace of inspiration for someone else because of your willingness.

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    We’re Healing the Pain
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