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Spiritual Progress Is Happening

My spiritual practice is a priority for me.

It’s a priority because I’ve PROVEN that it brings results [1].  A spiritual practice saves time, energy [2] and money.  I prove it every day.  I see the folks in classes with me prove it every day too.  

The thing that I’ve proven isthat spiritual practice eliminates the obstacles, worries doubts and fears in the mind that become manifest as problems that take time, energy and money to resolve.  

Spiritual practice is INCREDIBLY efficient at dissolving problems and concerns.

Spiritual practice actually gets out in front of the problems before they occur.  This inspires me so much!  And it’s so much fun to see other people apply the same principles and get their own exceptional results.

Learning to have trust and faith [3] is worth it for so many reasons.  It makes life easier [4], more abundant and prosperous, more fun, and more grace-filled.

A spiritual practice without faith is kind of like a washing machine without water.

You can’t get much accomplished.

We’re going for more than just a happy [5] dream, we’re going for awakening and being a living demonstration of the power of Love.  For that, we must practice and become strong practitioners.  Everything we need IS inside of us.  It’s what we yearn for.  

This is the reason I like to share simple tips and tools that actually bring HUGE life-changing results.  I’m a magnet for them because I’m looking for them.  I like to have it be easy.

Today, and every day, Spirit goes before me, behind me and with me to make the way clear.  I have a powerful partnership with the Higher Holy Spirit Self and we are getting things DONE!