When the Pain Pushes SO Hard

August 31, 2021

Let’s put our faith in the Higher Holy Spirit Self.

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There are times when I’ve experienced absolute agony and paralyzing fear because of my false beliefs.  What could make us cling to beliefs and thoughts that are false and cause us so much suffering?  It’s only that we’ve forgotten who we are and WHOSE we are.

I still have small fears like:

What if I can’t this article done in time?  What if my wallet was stolen?  

These are so small there’s really no point in mentioning them except that I don’t really seem to have “big” fears that I’m aware of.  

And I know why.

I place my faith in God rather than what I experience in the world.  

No matter what, even if I get in a car accident and die, I’m still in the infinite field of God’s Love and that will NEVER change.

Only the things in this world will change.

Yes, it’s a result of my spiritual practice.

My fears came from putting my faith in my own ability to navigate this world and my ability wasn’t that great.  I had so much doubt, because of my misplaced faith.  And that doubt led to fear.

It’s not complicated.

I place my faith in God, and I feel safe.  I feel secure.

All the suffering that I experienced pushed me to realize my faith was misplaced.

I made the change, by means of my spiritual practice.

Spiritual practice heals the mind that made the problem.

It works.

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  1. Mike says:

    Thanks for the thoughts and appreciate the great work you have done. It’s clearly living in the world and universe of Triality vs Duality where the Holy Spirit has us reconciled to an ascended to a higher place! This is the space, time, energy and realization of being connected to a higher loving place. We can see and Be a part of a larger place! Congrats on this place of peace. Love and tranquilty. Thanks again for the share
    Sending Love and Light

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