Let the Storm Pass

September 18, 2021
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We can allow the storm to pass without giving it meaning.

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Here in North America, autumn is about to begin. I love fall, but I love all the other seasons too. I really don’t have a super strong preference anymore. All 4 seasons are so great.

I grew up in Ann Arbor, Michigan (my parents met at the University of Michigan) and when I was 9 we moved to Rhode Island. Both of those places have HARD winters, but not as hard as Vermont, where I live now.

I lived for several years on Deer Isle, an island off the cost of Maine. But winters there are not as rough as on the mainland and up north, and inland where I am now.

The worst cold I’ve ever experienced was once on Deer Isle when it got to 20 below zero. That’s about -29 celsius. Brrrrrrrrr, cold. At that temperature it actually hurts. Your nose hairs freeze!

And still, I don’t mind winter, I LOVE it. I love the snow, and even the cold. I love the change of seasons. After 22 years of living in Los Angeles and experiencing mostly the same thing every day, it’s so wonderful to experience weather again.

I like weather on the outside, but not on the inside.
I can enjoy a good storm outside, but not on the inside.

We can allow the storm to pass without giving it meaning.

I can choose Peace instead of that.

Peace is never boring to me. Peace is where it’s at.

Sometimes, in our relationships, it can seem like we hit stormy weather. It can feel like a fire, a flood, an earthquake or an hurricane. Maybe you’ve felt a volcanic eruption. I certainly have!

When we go through the rough times, and we don’t hold it against each other, when we can have compassion and extend Love for what others are going through, then people can feel the REAL Love – they can feel that it’s not conditional and that it’s genuine.

Sometimes, there’s a great benefit to going and growing through a difficulty.

I’ve been through tough times in my very closest relationships and because we have Love and compassion we got through it and then we’re even closer, even more connected having gone through a rough patch. And there’s no holding onto the past.

My favorite A Course in Miracles lesson is #68 Love holds no grievances.

When the relationship storms hit, we can rise to higher ground!

Love holds no grievances, nor do I.
Practicing forgiveness has helped me to heal my heart.

I have such gratitude for the relationship healing I’ve experienced that I cannot even begin to express it. My life is ENTIRELY different.

I feel completely different from how I used to feel.
That’s worth everything!

We can activate the grace of God.
SELF-forgiveness is that great activator.

Today is the perfect day for us to forgive our debts and our trespasses so we can let the storm go and be free of it forever.

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