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Miraculous Results

Have you ever gotten an email, text, letter or phone message that felt upsetting because it seemed as though it was disrespectful to you?  Or maybe it was wrong about something important?  Of course you have.  

Haven’t we all?

Sometimes when that happens, I have a desire to resolve it right away and shoot back a response.  Other times, Spirit definitely guides me to wait.  I can draft something, but not send it.  Better to wait and see how it feels in a couple of days.

Sometimes things resolve themselves when we wait for Spirit to make the next move.

Sometimes when people are upset [1] they write an upset email and send it off pronto.  They need to get it out of their system.  They are bent on expressing themselves while their emotion is strong.

And that blows up in their face. They acted two quickly, and spoke too soon.

I’ve definitely learned that’s not a good way for me to conduct my business.  If possible, it’s best for me to wait until I cool off.

That way I can release my judgments, opinions and complaints and be able to communicate from my loving heart in order to get the best results.

Life is interesting.  It’s good to have impulse control.  It’s good not to judge, but wait and see.  Sometimes we can save ourselves a lot of agony.

Putting things on Spirit’s plate,

Allowing ourselves to be led and guided, Can bring us miraculous results.

Who doesn’t want miraculous results [2]?

Infinite patience brings immediate results.

If only because we feel peaceful when we’re patient [3].