Sharing the Love

September 20, 2021
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We can be open-hearted for Love.

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Things are shifting. Deeply. Constantly and consistently, things are changing.

Minds are changing, lives are changing, rules are changing.

The things that change are of this world.

The things that don’t change are eternal.

Our nature is eternal, infinite, perfect Love. As people, we don’t really evolve, we shed the beliefs and habits that don’t serve our divinity anymore.

We re-open ourselves to the awareness of truth and then what was hidden before is now visible. We can see so much more when we have the eyes to see, the ears to hear, the willingness to discard the decisions we made in the past from a place of insecurity.

There is no security in the world.

All of our security comes from teaching only Love, for that is what we are.

What I notice about my life is that I don’t feel frightened and worried in situations that frighten and worry others and it’s 100% because I’m placing my faith and trust in Spirit.

Trust is a practice.
It’s something we choose, day in and day out.

When we place our trust and faith in the invisible rather than in the world of form then we can have amazing results. When we place our trust and faith in the world, we’ll end up feeling insecure and then disappointed.

In an ever-changing world, we can find Peace in the eternal nature of Spirit, if we’re willing to practice trust.

That’s what I call PROVING GOD.

When we prove that God is for us then we can FEEL that nothing is against us and therein lies the Peace of God.

I love that we can prove God works in our life.

We can stand on the rock.

AND we can stand on the rock together. That’s why I write this inspiration and share these prayers every day. I am interested in sharing the Love.

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    We’re Healing the Pain
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