Wandering In the Darkness With Fear

September 24, 2021

We can find our away above the battlefield.

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Last night in my 7 Simple Steps to Interrupt Patterns of Fear free class people shared the fears that keep them up at night, that wake them with a jolt in the morning or in the middle of the night. We’re all so much alike.

We share the same basic fears, that much is clear.

For myself, like many others, I learned to manage and cope with the fears because I couldn’t see a way to resolve the issues that scared me – that’s WHY I was so frightened.

Or so I thought.

Now, I can absolutely see so clearly that I wasn’t frightened for the reasons I thought, but I can still see why I thought those were the reasons I was afraid.

For instance, I thought I was afraid that I’d never get out from under my debts. In truth, I was afraid that I’d keep holding onto the mental and emotional blocks to my prosperity, while trying to “rearrange the deck chairs on the titanic” and things would just keep getting worse.

I just didn’t know that was the deeper reason for my fear.

And underneath that was the fear that I’d never find a way to truly connect with God. That was the big scary one – but I had no clue that was the main thing that was terrifying me.

I was wandering in the dark, but I didn’t know it.
The Light that dispels the darkness is in us. It’s within. It’s the kingdom within.

It’s our ability to be loving.

The Light within us IS the answer.

If we’re looking for the answer outside, we’re looking in the wrong place. Fortunately, we’ll be led back on track eventually – but we can speed things up. That’s what truly LIVING A Course in Miracles is all about.

It’s about interrupting the patterns of fear and bringing the darkness to the Light.

If you’re tired of repeating the same upsets and running through the same painful patterns, it helps to know they’re related to fear. And fear can shift. Fear habits can be dissolved. This I’m certain of. Maybe you’d like to eliminate the patterns of fear. If so, please join me this weekend.

I’m offering you this class as a gift. My gift to you. We’re doing it together.

7 Simple Steps to Interrupt Patterns of Fear.

We’ll go deeper into the practical tips and tools that worked for me, so you can interrupt those patterns of fear and attack and make new choices, creating new habits that support the life you desire.

If you know you’re ready to let go of fear, develop and deepen your spiritual practice, repair your relationships, and truly live ACIM, you might be interested in my bootcamp.

If you feel you’ve been holding yourself back and letting fear decide for you, my Finding Freedom from Fear bootcamp might be your answered prayer!

Click here now to learn more about my Finding Freedom From Fear Spiritual Bootcamp with ACIM Principles. Let’s make this your breakthrough year. We’ll do it together. It’s SO much easier together.

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