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When People Let You Down

I used to have a real thing about people letting me down. As I shared about in my Podcast [1] yesterday, I used to go into situations expecting people to let me down.

I had a sense of righteousness about being disappointed. I felt that if people let me down it was proof that they were worse than I was and I was better than them. It was positive proof.

Of course, it wasn’t any such thing.

Then, as soon as I got over that ego insanity I’d take a different route to my meltdown [2].

I’d realize that what it also or really truly meant when someone let me down was that I was unlovable.

I just wasn’t worth it.

And the proof was in the way they treated me.

If I were worth it, they wouldn’t have let me down.

It took me a LONG time to realize and admit that I was doing it to myself, and I didn’t have to.

Since then, I’ve learned SO much more that’s been helpful [3] to me on this topic. And I shared some of it in my podcast yesterday.

Feeling unlovable isn’t fun.
We can eliminate the feeling.
We can eliminate the false belief that caused it.

We can realize we’re totally and completely lovable and we can let Love in.

War is over if we want it.
We are the dreamer of the dream.

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