A Journey of Love

October 23, 2021

Our story is a story of God’s Infinite Glory.

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Since this life is about the journey, not the destination, let’s stop making the journey unpleasant by judging ourselves and each other each and every step of the way.  Instead, let’s become dedicated and devoted to living a journey of Love and celebration. 

We’ve been given an incredible gift of exploration.

We have the mandate to be like our Creator and call into being beautiful expressions of perfect Love, Wisdom, Creativity and more.

Each and every day affords the extraordinary opportunity to begin again and create something new and delightful. 

Some days we make a mess and other days we create exquisite beauty and the thing that makes the difference is simply whether or not we’re choosing to be loving.  We learn through contrast.  That’s what this world is for.  

We learn through contrast when we discover how much more enjoyable life is when we have an effective spiritual practice and then we we get distracted and our practice falls by the wayside.  Suddenly we’re not having as much fun, we don’t feel in tune with Spirit, life feels hard.  Contrast.  Live and learn.

When we truly come from our loving heart, not needing or wanting anything, and express Love simply for the Joy of it, then we’re like our Creator and we’re being a helpful and healing presence in this world.  Whatever we learn or remember or express, we share the benefits with everyone.  When we choose to ignore Love or work against it, we bring everything and everyone with us there too. 

Glory is your inheritance, given you by your Creator that you might extend it. ~ A Course in Miracles

We can make of our life a rising tide on which all boats are lifted higher.  This is our great opportunity.  It can feel grandiose, but this is what we’re born for.  It’s actually egotistical to think that we cannot do it. 

Looking for the opportunities to extend Love throughout are day is actually super sweet and so simple.

Healing happens with the power of Love operating through the grandmother who makes it clear to her family that they can always count on her to be compassionate.  The whole world may not know it, but the whole world will feel it and be lifted by it. 

Let’s Love like no one is keeping score, but everyone is feeling it.

Now is the perfect time to begin.

Our story is a story of God’s Infinite Glory.

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