Family Fears

October 20, 2021

Only Love is real.

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One of the things that happens for many of us spiritual students is that as we begin to shift and change our thinking, and our personality begins to change, we recognize that we’re seeing, feeling and knowing more clearly what the truth is moment to moment. With that awakening awareness comes the realization of our past self-deceptions.

With more clarity of insight comes the realization about many things that simply don’t serve our path of Love. We see that the people around us who are complaining and criticizing are limiting the flow of Love in their lives. We can see more clearly how our thoughts bring our experience.

And then it frightens us when our loved ones are energizing things with their thoughts that they don’t wish to experience, but they don’t understand the power of their thoughts.

A Course in Miracles tells us, “There are no idle thoughts.” Yikes.

As our mind clears, we have a new fear: “what if I outgrow my loved ones? What if I become more spiritually advanced than them and that creates a separation between us?”

Again, with the separation thinking!

The answer is that if we don’t see the shift as separation we won’t experience it as separation – the separation is an illusion.

The fear of becoming unrelatable with our loved ones is so common with spiritual students.

I’ve had it too. We fear that we’ll lose the sense of connection. Yet, it’s only true if we make it true.

I have really close relationships with folks who aren’t that spiritual, and with spiritual friends who see things differently than I do. That’s not what matters in our relationships.

That fear of separation I felt about losing connections with my friends and family if I became more awakened than them disappeared.

It’s a non-issue now because I’m absolutely fine with the differences in our spirituality, our consciousness and our interests.

ACIM tells us that the only problem we have is that we believe separation is real. What’s more, it says that all of our problems have been solved. There are no problems unless we make something up.

So, let’s agree to stop making things up and hand over all fears to the Higher Holy Spirit Self.

Let Peace begin with us. Let this be the moment now!

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    My Birthday Prayer 2022
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