God tricked me!

October 17, 2021
God tricked me!

Bodhi loves a mud puddle. The dirtier she can get the happier she is. My love is unconditional!

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God is a bait and switch operation.

I moved from an island off the coast of Maine to Los Angeles in order to go to USC Film School and even though that was very successful for me, at the end of my masters program I realized what I was really being called to do was to move into ministry by way of the Agape International Center’s Science of Mind Practitioner Program.

Bait and switch. I thought I went to Los Angeles for film school, but it was to find my way into ministry.

I was tricked. Or so it seems. And I have not one complaint, only gratitude.

One of the very best things I’ve ever done for myself was to go through the training to become a Science of Mind Practitioner and a spiritual counselor. Even though the training wasn’t everything I would have wished for, it set me on a path of healing that I was dearly looking for.

Honestly, I didn’t have ANY interest in counseling people when I signed up to become a Practitioner.

The idea of listening to people tell me their problems was something I’d have paid NOT to do. However, I took my Practitioner vow seriously and I set the aspiration to see the Beauty and perfection in everyone I met. Sticking to that aspiration and intention rocked me. It helped me to clear my mind of seeing folks as less than or not enough.

And seeing my client’s perfection enabled me to see my own.

The more I worked with clients the more I felt that I had a gift for spiritual counseling and I discovered that I really loved it. Now, I train spiritual counselors. Which I love just as much. I never saw that coming!

Something I’ve noticed over the years in the spiritual teachers I’ve known is that the ones who’ve done a lot of 1 on 1 counseling are by far the best teachers. They have the clearest insights and understandings about the nature of Spirit and of how the ego thought system works.

It’s because they’ve had such in-depth experience with people. That experience of counseling folks has given them a comprehensive understanding of the patterns of the mind and the way the ego thought system can work.

Counseling has certainly made me a better teacher and a better person.

Counselors also receive a lot of compassion training and our hearts open to people we don’t know yet. We’re willing to see their magnificence and to realize that our self-compassion is something we can cultivate.

I find it interesting to think that I was so averse to the very thing that would bring me so much healing. Isn’t that a common thing?

I truly had wished to avoid doing any kind of counseling and once I made the commitment to hold my clients in the highest, my own deep healing and personal expansion was given a turbo charge. I see the same thing occurring with the beautiful folks I’ve been training.

Spirit has given me a directive to support the counselors, teachers and ministers. The work is challenging. And we all have to do a LOT of inner work to be able to be effective. It’s WELL worth it.

When I first completed my training and was licensed I felt SO COMPLETELY unqualified and I lacked confidence. We hardly did any practice sessions. I had so little experience. And yet, my intention was so high, and my willingness so strong, that I was led and guided to the next steps, but it was bumpy.

And that’s why I’m intent on supporting the folks In my program and it’s why I require them to really step up. When they really work for it, they feel confident and qualified and then they can really go forward and excel. They lose their since of inadequacy and that brings benefit to every area of their life.

My clients have taught me to love fully and completely at the deepest levels simply by virtue of coming to me and sharing their unbridled holiness.

What I now know so clearly is that everyone is our teacher. And our guru is within our heart and mind.

The first 5 or 6 years of my life as a counselor had me weeping in gratitude more times than I can remember. So often, I’d find myself moved to tears by the opportunity to witness someone recognizing their magnificence, or simply being able to see it myself.

This is blessed work. I’m grateful to have it and to be able to share it. AND anyone who is willing to see their brothers and sisters in their Wholeness and perfection will experience healing as a result. We’re all entitled to miracles!

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    When Happiness Feels Elusive
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