Hiding Self-Criticism

October 28, 2021

Life doesn’t have to be a bed of nails unless we want that.

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It was a very helpful realization for me when I realized that my criticisms and complaints about other people in my life are really complaints about myself directed outward.

Sigh.  It’s good to just be honest with myself, without judgment and then remember to laugh.  And smile!

I work with many folks who are in a significant relationship with someone they are deeply committed to and whom they’re CONSTANTLY trying to change.  

And when they’re not trying to change them, they’re complaining about them.

I don’t judge the relationship style they’ve got.  They’re spiritual students learning to have a spiritual relationship.  No one has modeled it for them so they’re finding their way.  They’re not giving up.  

When we cannot feel the Love in our relationships it’s often because we don’t feel worthy of Love.  

And when we’re so frequently complaining and judging, how do we get to feel the Love?  We decide to actively be loving.  It’s just that.  So simple.

Dropping the complaints long enough to be loving can feel like a near impossible task.  It can seem to be so challenging.  

If we can’t drop a complaint about someone we Love then how do we avert war, poverty and all manner of other challenges?

When I’m willing to let go of being right about a complaint, and choose to extend compassion instead, then I have Joy and I can share that with my brothers and sisters in this world.  That’s worth doing.  That choice makes life filled with Joy.

It may seem corny, but it’s actually really helpful – Let there be Peace on earth, and let it begin with me.  Today.  Now. Without delay.

Giving up complaints has been a vital part of my spiritual practice.

I give them to Spirit to heal and my heart is healed.

I look at the complaint and say “I could choose Peace instead of this termite of a thought.”  No termites in my head or heart please!

Today’s a new day and I’m grateful to give it to God.

I don’t need to project my self-criticism out onto others, I can let it all dissolve and resolve by giving it to the Higher Holy Spirit for Healing now.

And that’s the activity of God’s infinite grace in my life.

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