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October 31, 2021

I’ve carved many a pumpkin with my nephew Mikey - these are from 2017. So much fun!

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There are MANY times when I have no idea how things will come together.  I get guidance for a certain project or offering and I’m keen to do it because I can feel the energy of it, but I have no idea HOW to do it.  Years ago I had the idea to start to offer a Sunday Service online and I was excited for it, but I just didn’t feel the ministry had the resources to take it on and it would mean me adding more things to my already overflowing plate.  I had a strong yes, but I didn’t know HOW it would come together.  

Yet, when we got to April of 2020 and the pandemic was ramping up, I just knew now was the time.  Begin and Spirit will provide.  Enough donations come in that we can cover our costs and I’m happy to show up on a Sunday.  

It’s the same with our Power of Love Ministry Prayer Ministry that serves everyone enrolled in our programs.  People are praying together on zoom every 3 hours around the clock, 7 days a week for since the pandemic began.  And there are groups of us that meditate every morning together and every evening to bring forth world Peace and harmony.  

I had no clue about many things I was inspired to do.

I may not know the answers when I start, but I’ve learned to say YES anyway.  If it’s mine to do, Spirit will tell me how when it’s time for me to know, and I’m good with that.

My “yes,” and my positive thoughts create an energetic container for Spirit to flow into.  After all, my mind is the mind of God and whatever I hold in my awareness is going to appear on the screen of my life.

Often people hesitate to say yes until they know how things will go.  They wait to see what will happen.  Their is only a small amount of trust.  They hesitate because they aren’t sure how it will work out.  They want to know the details ahead of time.  I get it.

Yet, if we say yes first, then Spirit responds to that commitment.  Spirit responds to our willingness to be guided.

Consider, if you were going to offer someone unconditional support, and you made it clear to them that you were there to support them in whatever they chose to pursue, but they didn’t decide to do anything because they weren’t sure how it would unfold.  They didn’t begin or move forward because your unconditional Love, support and resources weren’t enough for them.  They had to know HOW everything would happen and what it would LOOK like before they could say yes.  So they just kept waiting for that picture of how it would look instead of actually moving forward.

That’s what a lot of people do, and I used to do that too.  I get it.  

I’m grateful I’ve learned to say yes from a place of choosing the highest and best, most loving choice I can find.  That YES opens the doors to knowing HOW it will unfold.  My YES allows the support to come to me.  

Let’s face it.  Spirit’s ideas are way better than ego ideas and they’re more fruitful in every way.  Following spiritual guidance brings so many benefits including training us to think and vibrate at a higher level

Think about it – what am I saying yes to?  I’m saying YES to Spirit’s inspiration.

It’s not MY idea.  It’s Spirit leading me because I’m willing to live in service to the light.  Honestly, what difference does it make to me if I’m offering a workshop in Pittsburgh or Paris?  Austin or Australia?  Location doesn’t matter to me, why would it?

You might think it makes a difference because Paris is so different from Pittsburgh, but let me just say, the location is not what makes an experience beautiful.  The Beauty is in the people showing up, the intention, the Love that is expressed and allowed.  It’s about being in that perfect flow of giving and receiving Love and location isn’t important.  

Let’s face it.  Spirit’s ideas are way better than ego ideas and they’re more fruitful in every way.  Following spiritual guidance brings so many benefits including training us to think and vibrate at a higher level.

Several years ago I was invited to Oklahoma City for a weekend of workshops.  The weather was grey and rainy.  The people bloomed like a garden of the most gorgeous flowers in the world and so did I.  The people were beautiful.   It was magnificent even though it wasn’t a particularly notable location.  I had SUCH a good time and met people I now dearly Love and am connected to.  Imagine if my YES had been a no because I’d thought, “who wants to go to Oklahoma City in the grey days of November?”  I would have missed so much.

Ego will take us out of the most profound spiritual experiences because we’re waiting to understand the how and why of it.

I encourage you to look within and discover what YES is calling you – and be bold – say YES!  

Say yes to your heart’s desire, your strong intuition, and your guidance.  You may not know how, but ALLOW Spirit to lead, guide and direct you about HOW to find the way to its fulfillment.  

When we’re willing Spirit leads the way!

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