It’s Not Their Fault!

October 30, 2021
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The journey requires patience, and a willingness to see beyond our opinions.

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It used to be that, on a regular basis, I’d find myself in the company of people I found annoying.  Some were slightly annoying and some were intensely annoying.

I used to think that the annoyance factor was their fault.

Some people were intentionally annoying and some were unintentionally annoying.  I’ve learned a lot about my own inner annoyance meter through the gift of being a spiritual counselor and teacher.

Some people actively press other people’s buttons.  It’s a common thing that insecure people actively do their best to annoy and irritate others so that they’ll be rejected.  Once rejected, in their own mind, they go from being just a loser to being RIGHT about being a loser.  

Once they feel convinced they’re right, they don’t have to push so hard.  Sometimes when we’re really nice and loving to someone who has a low self-image they can’t handle it and have to begin pushing to get you to reject them.  And, if you can be pushed to being unloving and unkind, maybe you will be.  

This person is helping you to see how committed you are.

Other people seem annoying to us because they’re showing us things we don’t like about ourselves and some people seem annoying because they’re able to express things we’ve denied.  When someone is a very talkative, I might find that irritating if I judged myself for being very talkative.  If someone has the ability to laugh easily and I don’t, I might find that annoying.

It’s always our thoughts about the person and not the person that bothers us.

Someone who feels really constricted might be intensely irritated by someone who feels very free and demonstrates it.  It’s the expression of Freedom that’s threatening.

It’s our thoughts about Freedom that are bothering us – not the person.

I’ve noticed all of my upsets are of my own making and it’s better if I don’t blame anyone, including myself.  

100% responsibility with zero blame is a policy that brings compassion to the surface. 

Compassion is loving understanding – and that’s healing.

I used to feel constantly annoyed and irritated by others.  What I notice these days is that I find very few people annoying, but sometimes I do feel frustrated in certain situations that are issues I’m working through.

It’s a relief not to be annoyed by other people all the time.  I didn’t see that coming as a result of my spiritual practice!

Spiritual practice brings so many benefits.  It’s extraordinary.  There are hidden benefits and amazing very noticeable benefits and I’d like to claim them all!

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