Keeping It Simple

October 18, 2021
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Let’s stay heart centered and open-minded.

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There can be such a temptation to think that we know what’s best for other people.

We can think we know how they should repair their relationships and how they can take better care of their health, their wealth and every other area of their lives.

But we don’t really know. And here’s why: Things are not what we think they are. Because we cannot see beyond time and space, we don’t know what everything is for. We think we know, but we don’t actually have a way to know.

It’s just our opinion.

We can look at someone else’s marriage and say that it’s messed up, that they should do their relationship differently, but we have no idea what karma they’re working out and what Spirit has planned for them.

Instead of judging what others are doing, we can offer compassionate support and hold in our mind that the highest and best is unfolding for them. Instead of thinking they’re failing we can hold in our awareness that they cannot possibly fail.

When someone’s troubled, we can affirm that regardless of what it looks like, God is their life and God is making a success of their experience.

For one couple, after 35 years of marriage the highest and best would be that they’d complete and go on to have another marriage with a whole new experience. No failure. Completion.

I have a friend who’s going through a heath challenge and I’m not giving any advice. Everyone else they know is giving them advice.

Everyone else knows what’s best for them.

I can just Love my friend and hold that the highest and best is being revealed for them and all is well.

It’s actually easier, less stressful, and more loving to simply have no opinions, and wish people well. That makes it simple.

And we get to stay in our loving heart where we belong.

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    No Dirty Feet, Please!
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