Not Agreeing to Limitations Anymore

October 22, 2021

My sweet puppy, Bodhi has an unlimited love of mud puddles!

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The only grievances we have are the ones that we agree to.

The only way someone can take advantage of us is if we agree to it.

The only way we can feel limited is if we AGREE to limitations.

When I first began to realize these things, it felt like a dead weight on top of me because I didn’t know HOW to release the limiting thoughts.

I was stopped by my belief that it couldn’t be done because I didn’t know how to do it.

I was stopped by my belief that I was on my own, and if I didn’t know how to do it, I had no resources and so I had to accept that it couldn’t be done.

Fortunately, I had that little bit of willingness that Jesus talks about in A Course in Miracles. My little bit of willingness kept me praying. My prayers to have a healing were answered, in part, by my realization that I could Partner UP.

I realized that limitations are really only in my thinking, not in my true reality.

I decided that it didn’t matter HOW the healing happened, I was calling it forth and accepting it. I gave the heavy lifting of figuring out the “how” to the Higher Holy Spirit Self. I knew I couldn’t see the solution as long as I was still thinking with the same thought system that created the “problem.”

I refuse to agree to false constructs that are limiting.
I am unlimited and I AM that I AM.
I AM one with THE One.

My willingness to call forth and accept help from “above” was the thing that opened the door to my miraculous healing. I’ve had SO MUCH miraculous healing since then and I’ve shared it with others who are having miraculous healing and that’s what inspires me every single day.

I am grateful that miraculous healing isn’t for special people. Everyone is entitled to miracles. Miracles are natural. We don’t have to figure out how, we allow.

There are no REAL limitations.

I am calling forth a miracle for us every day. Thank you for praying with me and calling forth a miracle today!

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    End the Belief in Unworthiness
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