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Practicing the Presence

The great Joel Goldsmith has a beautiful book entitled Practicing the Presence that is rich and deep.

This IS our practice – to practice THE Presence within our own awareness.

Be still and know I AM God.  That’s the great invitation we’re being offered all day every day.  Be still and know we are God.  

When we know that we’re God, all wanting ceases.

All craving disappears.

All sense of unfairness is gone.

Love is all that’s left.

Be still and know I AM Perfect Love.

Today, we’re in the midst of the full moon.  It’s a time of releasing that which no longer serves our life of Perfect Love and harvesting the wisdom from our experiences so we don’t have to repeat them.  

I’m ALL for harvesting the wisdom from my experiences so I don’t have to go through the difficult and challenging experiences of the past again.

If we’re willing to know what things are for, and to accept that there’s a benefit we can receive from what we’ve experienced, then we can put ourselves into the mindset of receiving the benefit.  

When we’ve received the benefit, why would we need to repeat the painful experiences?  That would just be torture – and yet, that’s what we sometimes choose.  And then we feel foolish, hopeless, helpless and worthless, but it’s only because we’re NOT harvesting the wisdom.

For instance:  Tiffany has a difficult relationship with a lover.  The relationship is manipulative and unpleasant, but there’s good sex.  Sort of.  Well, but it leaves her feeling unsatisfied and like she’s made a mistake.

She gets out of the relationship and then she sees her ex-lover and falls back into another try at the relationship.  Again, she realizes the same thing she realized before, and now she feels more foolish because she’s judging herself for “doing it again.”  Her intuition [1] told her not to and she said, “but, I feel like doing it.” And she did and now she feels like an idiot.

“Let all this madness [2] be undone for you, and turn in peace [3] to the rememberance of God, still shining in your quiet mind.”  A Course in Miracles [4]

Tiffany’s choices are the kinds of choices we make, and thoughts we think, when we don’t love ourselves and when we don’t practice the Presence.

When we love ourselves we will practice the Presence of Love and when we practice the Presence of Love we’re loving ourselves.  

Let us be still and remember we are Perfect Love.  Now and forever.