Receptive to Prosperity

October 4, 2021

To remember true abundance, count the leaves on a tree!

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I’ve been enjoying watching the leaves change on the trees here in Vermont. Every day there’s a change to notice and admire. Nature’s abundant beauty is truly remarkable.

Nature offers a continuous offering of prosperity teachings. If we think there’s no water. It’s a draught. Things are drying up. Things will die. We can change our mind and watch the weather change. I remember leading a retreat in St. Louis, Missouri years ago when they were experiencing a really intense draught. Trees were dying everywhere around. they were falling over and it was a shocking and sad sight to see.

I feel very connected to trees and to see them dying like that was truly awful.

At that weekend retreat we did A LOT of self-forgiveness work.
Unexpectedly, truly, it was a surprise – the heavens opened up and it began to rain torrential rain. It poured down. I feel certain our forgiveness brought the rain.

The miracle happens in our mind and it reveals itself in unexpected ways all around us.

If you doubt prosperity, start counting the leaves on a tree.

If you doubt the power of your mind go outside and start using your mind to dissolve specific clouds. Take your power back. Nature will help you!

Nature comes in so many forms, and some of them are challenging. I see many deer in the yard at our family home on Deer Isle and I also see that they’ve eaten a lot of the things in the garden. They eat the buds off the flowering trees. They can strip bare some of the flowering bushes. They’re hungry.

In Maine, I see bright red foxes playing on the porch in the winter snow. I see raccoons ambling through the yard and seals swimming in the cove. There’s a lot of nature there and some of it can seem destructive at times.

In Vermont, we’ve got geese flying overhead and in the fields beside my house. I see flocks of turkeys meandering through the fields beside me. Sometimes there are bears. Rabbits are a constant and the birds are amazing.

I don’t find fault with nature’s floods, earthquakes and tornados or animals eating the buds off the plantings, they’re just doing what they naturally do. Animals look for food and eat the best thing they can find. I can relate!

While I don’t find fault with the animals, I still feel it’s my responsibility to honor and cherish nature. When I lived in England, I captured and released several spiders a day. At least a hundred spiders a month!

The earth is an amazing treasure. We’re so blessed to live on an amazing and gorgeous planet. Our ability to live here and enjoy all the beautiful aspects of this life here, is a great demonstration of our natural prosperity. I feel SO grateful and so blessed.

Prosperity isn’t just wealth and abundance.

Prosperity is being able to have a good life, a sense of well-being, a good night’s sleep, healthy digestion and elimination, clear thinking. It’s having time to go outside and take in the beauty of nature.

Prosperity is being able to breathe deeply, or to laugh.

I cannot imagine that it would be possible to FEEL prosperous and not honor mother earth.

My sense is that those who don’t appreciate the earth, and all she gives us, will feel less than prosperous because they’re not grateful for what they have. Gratitude multiplies the good through acknowledging it.

Let’s bless the earth today and every day. When we can, walk barefoot upon her, feel the dew on our feet and legs. I like to go out in the morning and pick up the dew on my hands and wipe it on my face. Giving thanks for the glory of nature.

Being in nature, I feel restored. I feel grateful. I can feel and see the blessings all around me. God is so very good and we’re blessed. We are UNIMAGINABLY prosperous. Let us accept it and share it with Love!

Being grateful is a powerful spiritual practice that multiplies the good in our life!

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