Weakness and Defensiveness

October 5, 2021

We can find our innocence and live the Love.

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If only I’d known that the reason I was feeling weak, helpless and hopeless was because I was thinking unloving thoughts.  

It’s crazy how many difficulties come from the simple choice to think unloving, unkind, mean thoughts.  They’re just thoughts!  And yet, the fact is that thoughts make the world go around.

Our thoughts do manifest as our experiences, and that includes our emotions.  

Whenever our emotions are not to our liking it’s because we’re thinking fear based thoughts that are essentially untrue and most-likely they’re attack thoughts of some form.

It’s seems too easy that we can transform our day-to-day experience of our life by simply choosing loving thoughts, but we can.

Loving thoughts aren’t hard to think.

They’re not expensive.  They’re not complicated.  

In fact, it’s quite easy to simply begin thinking loving thoughts and change the trajectory of our day, and our life.

We can even change the past with our loving thoughts.

So, let’s get on it!  

Let’s see how loving we can be and gain the benefits.

For real.  

I invite you to experiment today and just notice what you experience after you think unloving thoughts.  And then turn it over to the Higher Holy Spirit Self and start choosing loving thoughts and see how you feel, see what you experience.  

Remember that it’s not difficult, but it does require authentic willingness to make the leap of thought.  It’s so worth it!

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    My Birthday Prayer 2022
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