Be Faith Full

November 13, 2021

Pets place their faith in us because we love them.

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As we’re racing to the holidays and the end of the year, I can feel that many people are getting triggered into old upsets and a sense of despair is rising for some.  

There can be a strong, almost gravitational, pull to the old painful perspective that we’re not respected, loved and valued by the ones we care the most about.  It’s amazing how many people have this thought pattern of being resentful and angry because others don’t love us the way we think they should.  

I spent so much of my time in resentment.  I don’t miss it.  It sucks the life out of our life.

I’ve learned to be faith FULL about my relationships and to hold that the highest and best is unfolding.

I can feel the healing happening.  I can feel that in the mind of the infinite it’s already done.  The healing has already happened.

I’ve learned to hold this faith FULL position in all circumstances.

I cannot afford to doubt.  To doubt is to invest my faith in failure.

About once a week I feel moved to write a daily shot of spiritual espresso on the topic of not giving up.  And then I realize that I’ve written on that recently so I go to something else, but still, every day my heart would like to encourage people not to give up on Love and their holiness.

Spirit provides when we’re faith Full.

Jesus told the ones who healed in his presence, “Your faith made you whole.”  It wasn’t his faith, it was theirs.  Our faith is a power tool that we can truly bank on.  Let’s use our faith for something good!

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    Inspired Again!
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