Get Out Of the Way Of Your Holiness

November 24, 2021
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The Light has come. We are the Light of the World

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Our holiness is all that’s needed to shift everything in this world, and yet each one of us is, in some way, in the way of our holiness and we can move right out of the way!

There’s nothing our holiness can’t heal, solve, or make perfect.


The thing is, when we refuse to acknowledge our holiness and give it full sway in our life, then we run into bumps, into walls, and off cliffs and that’s painful.

Learning to put our holiness in charge of everything takes a bit of effort, but it’s not anywhere NEAR as exhausting and challenging as putting ego in charge.

It’s not harder, it’s different. And the results start coming fast and fabulous, which is so encouraging. It’s truly a wonder that more people don’t do it.

If you’re nervous about the upcoming holidays, the times with family or the times without family, put your holiness in charge and stop trying to figure it out. Follow your intuitions and you’ll experience a lightness of being that’s inspiring and gratifying.

Let’s allow our holiness to Light up this world with Love.

Starting with our loved ones.

Remember: Spirit doesn’t know how to fail, so we are guaranteed success as long as we let Love lead.

Let’s put Love in charge this year and share the Beauty that’s revealed!

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NOW is the time for us to do everything we can to let the past go and choose to live as our most magnificent self.

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