Guilt Grossness

November 12, 2021

May other people’s perceptions be like water off a duck’s back to us.

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Yesterday I had an experience where it felt as though someone was actively trying to make me feel guilty.

Here’s what happened: When my parents built the house in Maine in 1986 they bought a beautiful dining room table and chairs that were made by a furniture company that makes really beautiful handmade crafted furniture. They basically guarantee it for life. If repairs are needed they’ll do them for free.

Apparently someone who rented our house took one of these beautiful chairs outside on the deck and left it out in the rain. For who knows how long, we don’t know. It’s unthinkable to me, but people do many things that don’t make sense to me and I don’t wonder about these things anymore.

So, the chair was compromised. It actually got moldy and was definitely damaged and it fell apart. All this happened when various people were renting the house. So, my brother took the chair back to the manufacturer and when he dropped it off, the owner of the company was there and said, no problem, we’ll fix it. He showed my brother around the company and how the furniture is made and it was a nice experience.

In fact, the owner’s son fixed it. I picked it up yesterday. The lovely woman who brought the repaired chair to me, insisted on carrying it outside for me, which was completely unnecessary, and, it felt odd to me. But then when she got me outside, she let me know that if the owner hadn’t agreed to fix it they wouldn’t have because someone left in the rain, etc.

I can understand her position. Surely. And it was interesting because she went on and on, in a way that was plain, and direct, and not mean or bitter, but strong. I felt like she was really going for the overkill, and that we had done something wrong by even thinking of having the chair repaired. It all felt a bit weird to me, but after nearly 62 years on this planet, I’ve seen a lot of weirdness, and this was no big deal. I really just wanted her to let me put the chair in my car so I could go.

I realized that she kept going because she was looking to get a rise out of me. She kept going because she was waiting for me to signal that I felt guilty and bad and wrong and she was right.

It didn’t occur to me that I had done anything wrong, or that my family had, so I had nothing to feel guilty or ashamed about.

And that’s why she kept talking. At some point, she needed to move on and she did. She finally let me go.

I could say that she was wrong, and she was bad, and she was guilty of trying to manipulate me, but even if it’s true it’s not worth thinking about. I wouldn’t even be sharing it now except when I asked Spirit what to write about, this is what I was given.

Many times I see people capitulate in situations like this they do get triggered into feeling guilty and ashamed.

And then the attacker feels justified. They were right. And the person’s shame is the “proof.”

Sneaky ego.
Yet so predictable.

The ego thought system is firmly centered in the belief that ALL are bad, ALL are sinners, ALL should be ashamed and ALL are guilty.

To the ego, not feeling guilty is insane and wrong. To spirit, feeling guilty is insane. They are polar opposites, One is an illusion and one is real. One is Oneness and the other is separation.

Occasionally, I’ve said to someone who’s in this mode, “I feel like you’re trying to make me feel guilty,” and they deny it because they don’t know their own mind.

I can tell someone that I think they’re trying to make me feel guilty, in a kind way. Like gently waking someone from a dream of crimes and punishments. To me, that’s being truly helpful – but only if I’m feeling guided to.

Sticks and stones can break my bones, but words are just symbols of symbols and they can never hurt me. Only my thoughts about them can hurt me and I’m not invested in hurting myself anymore. Hallelujah!

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