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Happy Thanksgiving!

Last year I was blessed to have family with me to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday.

Today, it’s me and Bodhi and I’m just as grateful.  I’m steeping myself in gratitude for all the little things, like the snow we had yesterday and the opportunity [1] to just do whatever I feel like today.  

I’d like to watch some movies eat some food, chat with friends, and play with Bodhi.  

I’m grateful for so many things, but the thing I’m most grateful for is my awareness of Love’s presence and the opportunities to be loving that present themselves every day.  

I am so very grateful for my loved ones, including all of my very dear friends.  I feel grateful for everyone at the Power of Love Ministry and extraordinary community we’re building together and inviting new people into every day.  

I am grateful for YOU and our connection [2] of the heart [3].  We’re rising up together.  And we’re unstoppable.

May you be a blessing [4] in your family and may you all be at Peace [5] this day and all future days.

Happy Thanksgiving!