It’s my birthday!

November 28, 2021

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Today’s my birthday!  I am grateful for all the gifts I’ve been given this year.  One of the greatest gifts in my life is the past 13 years of my Masterful Living Program.  Every day the people in Masterful Living demonstrate being miracle minded and the power of our YES.

When I first got the idea to do a year-long program back in 2008, I rejected it.  I did’n’t wish to make the commitment to do anything for a year.  It felt far too confining to me.  

But the idea didn’t come from my personality or my experience, it was an inspired and creative “suggestion” from Spirit.  I couldn’t take it lightly.

I was intimidated by what I thought would be the burden of a year-long program.  It turned out that I absolutely Love, Love, LOVE it.  The community, the connections, the Beauty of the ever-expanding circle of Love that we have for each other is extraordinary and far beyond anything I’ve ever experienced in any spiritual community.

The amount of healing I’ve witnessed was something I never could have imagined.  It’s breath-taking.  Masterful Living has become so much more than I could ever have thought up on my own.

Spirit continuously gives me ideas of how to improve the Program and deepen the connections in the community.  I’m so impressed by how Spirit is weaving this basket with all of us.  

To be a part of it, brings me great Joy.  

To be the leader of it, is a great honor.

I say it all the time:  Masterful Living isn’t my idea.  I couldn’t have thought it up.  I’m just following through on what Spirit gives me to do.  Every day I ask, “How can I be more helpful?”  And the answers come.  I listen and follow.

I’m a follower, Love is the guide.

To all those who have shared with me over the years, who’ve listened, who’ve brought me their fears and their tears and trusted me to support them, and who’ve taken what I’ve offered and proved that God works in their life, that their life is the life of God, and their mind is the mind of God – YOU are my answered prayer.

Back in the 1990’s, I prayed constantly that my life would inspire others to turn off the TV, get up off the sofa and go out into the world and taking loving action.  I prayed it over and over again.  I had no idea what it would look like or be like, but I can honestly say that’s the life I’m living now.

This is why I teach the power of prayer.  As A Course in Miracles says, “Prayer is the medium of miracles.”  I endeavor to live my life as a prayer of gratitude.  

Each day I find things that annoy me, or irritate me and each day I surrender them to what I call “the holy altar fire of God’s Love.”  Each day has great gratitude and small annoyances.  Life.  

When we’re willing to accept it, life becomes the answered prayer.  It may not look like what we’re hoping for.  When I was making that prayer back in the 90’s, I was planning on being a screenwriter.  I wasn’t planning on being a minister.   Spirit had other plans and I decided to go God’s way.

Last weekend I was with Lisa Natoli and Bill Free.  Lisa asked me if I planned to stay in Vermont for the rest of my life.  I could only say the truth, which is that I have no such plan.  I have plans to offer Masterful Living next year again.  I have plans to offer my free Worthiness Workshop this coming week.  I have plans to raise my puppy Bodhi, I have plans to keep training Spiritual Counselors, and I plan to write another daily Shot of Spiritual Espresso each day of the rest of the year.  

I have no plan to leave Vermont.  I love it here in the sacred valley surrounded by mountains, where rainbows and waterfalls delight me.  If I get the message to go, I’ll go.  I can’t be happy if I don’t follow the guidance I get.

Spirit will let me know if I’m to stay or to go.  

I am only interested in following the guidance and being truly helpful.  

Whether that includes staying in Vermont or not, I have no idea.

I feel secure in the knowledge of God’s Infinite Love.  I am grateful to know that I’m leaving the past behind and being truly helpful every day.  

My life has changed so much.  I have found the treasure and it’s spiritual community and spiritual practice that lead to spiritual liberation. 

And my favorite thing in this world is to walk this Beauty Road together, remembering to laugh!

My Masterful Living Program is open for registration.  There are wonderful bonuses that you can enjoy RIGHT NOW, live classes with me this year.  Click here to learn more.  At no charge you can also book a FREE exploratory call with one of the Spiritual Counselors who can answer all of your questions about any of our programs.

BONUS CLASSES COMING UP:  I’m offering my Undoing Unworthiness 3 part series in 10 days.  If you’re willing to let go of the blocks to Love this class is designed to support you.  This class is a BONUS GIFT if you sign up for Masterful Living 2022 right now.  How cool is that? Learn more about Masterful Living now.

NOW is the time for us to do everything we can to let the past go and choose to live as our most magnificent self.

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    Eyes of Love
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    Three Powerful Words That Change Everything
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