Letting Go of the Past

November 11, 2021
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The change of seasons reminds us that we can let go and be reborn again!

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For me, one of the greatest gifts I’ve experienced from my spiritual practice is my letting go of the past.

Things that plagued me and even things that felt like they tortured me are now long resolved and dissolved back to the nothingness from which they appeared to have arisen.  

Being able to truly realize that I’m the dreamer of the dream and that I don’t have to turn my experiences into burdens that I drag with me the rest of my life has been such a RELIEF!  Phew!  I’m so glad I’ve found the way out from under that avalanche of burdens.

Discovering HOW to let go of the past is like winning the lottery.

We can set ourselves free and it can be done easily and happily if we’re willing.  What a gift.

I used to be such a grudge holder.  

I’d hold onto things forever.

I felt that I had to hold grudges and grievances or I’d just be taken advantage of.

I truly believed that holding onto those grudges would somehow protect me from more pain in the future.

Little did I know that I was living in the repeating pain because of the way I was holding onto it.  

Liberation is what I’m interested in.  

Liberation is what I’m about.

I can’t FEEL fully free until we’re all fully free.

Freedom is in our mind.  That’s where we begin.

When we let go of the grudges and grievances we set everyone free because we share the same mind.  

I feel blessed that my willingness can bless anyone.  I’m so grateful that my willingness blesses all!!

This week I’m offering my free Family Forgiveness class. This is a favorite topic of mine because it brings so much healing.  (You can register now and invite friends!). It’s also a favorite because as we’re coming to the holidays there can be so much unresolved emotion stirred up and family holidays can feel like treacherous territory.

FREE CLASS TODAY & THIS WEEKEND: And that’s why I’m offering my Family Forgiveness FREE class THIS THURSDAY it’s my gift to you to support your family. The class is Thursday and then we’ll offer several replays of it on the weekend so you can come and join us, and do the class live, and also repeat it.

NOW is the time for us to do everything we can to let the past go and to be truly helpful in supporting our loved ones to do the same. Let’s go first and lead the way. My class is totally free for you and it’s a really great way to get inspired to do some real forgiveness work NOW before the holidays. Click here to register now!

MIRACLE CIRCLES: I’m finally able to offer something we’ve been working on for years at the Power of Love Ministry. It’s our alternative to an ACIM Study Group. We call them Miracle Circles and you can click here now to learn more. We’re about ready to launch. If you’re interested in joining us for this FREE program to truly LIVE A Course in Miracles – you must fill out an application. We have very few spots left, so fill out your application today!

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