Punishment Doesn’t Help

November 4, 2021
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Let’s light a candle of compassion for ourselves!

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In this Power of Love Ministry I have a policy that we all can feel comfortable when we make errors.  I make errors every day it seems.  I call them tactical errors.

This has really helped me to release any judgments against myself and others about the litany of errors that take place.

Everyone makes errors and it’s a part of life.

In an online ministry there are literally THOUSANDS of moving parts to be attended to.  It’s extraordinary how many little pieces are interdependent upon one another, and sometimes things fail and fall like dominoes.  I have three expressions that help me to stay at Peace: 

That’s life.

Live and learn.

Stuff happens.

We learn through trial and error.  That’s what we do.  In the human realm, there’s lots of opportunity to take offense and lose our Peace, but I’m not interested in that anymore.  I’ve learned that it’s not self-loving to take offense or be upset.  I’ve learned that I’m only upset because I am thinking incorrectly.  I’m not thinking correctly because I’m misperceiving.  

I’ve learned that I can give the CAUSES of the upset to Spirit for healing and IT WORKS.

The causes are a false belief.  Whether I know what it is or not, I can turn it over and be DONE with it.  I am so very grateful that I’ve proven that it works.

I still get upset sometimes, but usually not for long.  If the upset lasts a bit longer then I’ve found it’s always because I’ve got a should, a judgment,  directed towards myself.  I can let that go.  

For me, the biggest upsets are always with myself.  When I’ve failed at communicating clearly and I find out later that I didn’t take the time to clearly explain what I’d like and it was done differently.  It’s small stuff, and sometimes it has a huge impact.  Still, I choose to focus on releasing any and all misperceptions and maintaining my calm.  I AM SO GRATEFUL.

We live and we learn.  That’s my life.  That’s your life.  To be upset by any of it is to punish ourselves.  And that’s why we get upset.  Because we feel people, including ourselves, deserve to be punished.

I particularly have had an issue with wanting to punish people for not doing what I wanted, whether they knew what it was or not.  I used to think that they should be able to read my mind.

It’s a strong ego tendency to want to make people feel guilty for their errors, rather than just accept them and move on.

Punishing NEVER helps.

Ever.  Love is the ONLY healer.  And it really DOES heal.

Everything really does work together for our good – even though we often can’t see it until we’re willing to accept it, without exceptions.  Therein lies the rub!

I love that life has a path of gentle learning OR ever-increasing harsher learning and we can decide how we’d like to do it. It’s our choice.  I choose Love and a gentler path of learning!  In fact, I prefer remembering to learning any day!

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