- Jennifer Hadley - https://jenniferhadley.com -

Set Us Free!

The best holiday gift anyone can get is to get out of jail FREE with their loved ones. When we forgive ourselves then we can stop blaming others for how we feel.

We can give up investing in resentment and then punishing others for betraying us.

And then we can put an end to feeling guilty and awful because we’ve been punishing our brothers and sisters for “making us feel bad” when, in truth [1], no one can make us feel badly without our permission.

I am encouraging everyone to stop punishing their loved ones for disappointing them and not meeting their expectations.

No more withholding Love – instead, let’s choose to extend Love.

It can sometimes feel like we have to wait for them to apologize or make amends before we can forgive, but we don’t have to wait for anyone to do anything before we can return to our loving heart [2]. Living from our loving heart is the sweet spot that isn’t worth giving up for any reason.

If you have resentment, regret, guilt [3], blame [4] or shame then forgiveness is the way out of the dark forest and back into the Light. Forgiveness is simpler than most people realize and it’s also NOT what most people think it is.

Forgiveness is releasing the meaning we made of things.
Forgiveness is NOT saying that what happened is okay. It’s nothing remotely like that.

I love sharing true forgiveness tools because it brings so much benefit to everyone.

To have Love, give Love to all.

Let’s have Love this year and let’s give everyone Love and release from past hurts for the holidays, just because we can and it (selfishly) sets us free!

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