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December 19, 2021

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As we’re heading into Christmas week and folks may be spending time with family and it may make things a bit sticky for some folks.  Here are some helpful tips to get you through, that also are good to know at any time of year.

#1 tip for visiting with people that seem to bug you:

We think that it’s other people and what they’re doing or not doing, saying or not saying that bothers us, but it’s not.  C’mon.  Let’s not delude ourselves anymore.  

It’s OUR thoughts about them that bother us and not what they’re saying.  

We have the power to change our thinking and not be bothered.  Let’s do ourselves a favor and make a U-turn and go the other way.  Being truly helpful ALWAYS means being truly loving and compassionate.  Let’s not judge the judgers so we can be at peace.

We’re never upset for the reason we think.

#2 tip for conversations with chronic complainers and critics:

I’ve had countless spiritual counseling sessions with folks who are so irritated by a loved one who is a chronic complainer and/or offering a steady stream of criticism.  Spiritual students get SO triggered in these conversations because we know the power of our thoughts and words to bring unpleasant experiences into our life.  We’d like to protect our loved ones from suffering caused by their own complaining and negativity.  Of course we would.

Often we try to share a positive perspective and change their minds.  We don’t even notice that they feel as though we’re not listening and so they push harder to make us hear.  Then we push harder to make them see how wrong they are.  

It ends up in unpleasantness all around.  

I’ve learned to just listen.  Really listen with compassion.  I don’t need to change their mind or teach them spiritual principle.  Let me REALLY listen this time.  Let me say things like “how long have you felt this way?  That must be so hard for you.  How would you like it to be?  How are you handling this?”  I let them know I’m actually interested and listening.  

It’s surprising, but I’ve seen where if I really give it my best compassionate listening, and I ask for all the details until the person feels complete – yes, that’s the key word, COMPLETE – then they don’t have to keep pushing at me.  They feel heard.  

Just because I don’t see it the way they do doesn’t mean I can’t listen compassionately.  I wouldn’t like it if I was trying to tell a loved one about something I was upset about and they kept trying to fix me or change me.  That would be a bummer.  I would definitely push back against it.  

If we’re trying to fix people then we’re seeing them as broken and then WE’RE the one that’s got the broken perspective!  Let’s learn to be loving listeners.  No advice, no judgments, just Love.

These kinds of tips and shifts in perspective are what bring profound healing in our relationships.  This is what I call truly LIVING A Course in Miracles.

We don’t get this from studying ACIM, we get it from the practical application of the teachings.  

Studying the truth doesn’t set us free.  Reading books isn’t healing  Living the truth is deeply healing and brings us spiritual liberation!

The people in our life are our salvation.  Our most challenging relationships are the perfect tool to invite us to practice ACIM.  Our relationships and our bodies both offer constant opportunity for us to recognize where our thinking is stinking and we can Partner UP and change our minds.  

When we see the shifts and changes in our relationships, then we know our spiritual practice is effective.  
This is what we live, practice and demonstrate in my year-long Masterful Living Program.  And that’s why most participants find that relationship healing is the #2 result they have during their year in Masterful Living.  The #1 result is a closer connection to Spirit and a basic spiritual practice that really works for them.
We don’t study ACIM in Masterful Living – we LIVE it.  That’s our focus.  Really truly living it – and you don’t have to even own a copy of the book to learn to live it.  

It’s the living of this precious teaching that is liberating.  Studying inspire’s us to apply it.  Without the application there’s no healing and no miracles.  

We’re entitled to miracles, so let’s not miss out on any of them!

Are you interested in my Masterful Living Program next year?  Book an exploratory call with one of our spiritual counselors and let them answer all your questions.  Click here now to book an exploratory call.

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