Christmas Blessings

December 25, 2021

Merry Christmas to you!

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I’m having a sweet and quiet Christmas with Bodhi.

Cooking, walking, playing, and it’s a white Christmas too.  

Even though my trip to be with family was cancelled, I feel truly blessed.  I’m at peace, and a peaceful mind is a great blessing.  It is worth everything that I put into achieving it and much more.  

My wish for everyone this Christmas is that all can realize that a peaceful mind, a joyful heart and a life aligned with the divine are possible for each one of us if we’re willing to practice.

Today, and every day, holy encounters are available to us.  The holy encounters we have with our loved ones this weekend bless the whole world.

May you know you’re blessed regardless of what’s happening.  Spirit has already blessed us with everything it’s possible to bless us with.  Let’s pass it on!

Merry Christmas!

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Taking action to break the patterns of despair, lack of faith and unhappiness is a powerful step toward healing!

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