Healing A Poor Self-Image

December 15, 2021

Can a cat have a poor self-image? Nah, that’s impossible!

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One of the great suffering points people have is their idea of themselves – their self-concept.

Sometimes it seems to me that our self-concept is like Frankenstein’s monster: something stitched together from old, unhealthy parts.

Our self-concept can be the very worst of our thoughts about ourselves hardened into a concretized version of ourselves.

All that we have to do to get free is step away from it, and stop believing in it.  When we’re willing to stop investing in it then we can make a change that means an entirely different experience of life for us.

Sometimes we don’t step away because we’ve invested so much.  

We don’t know who we are without this Frankenstein self-image.

What’s absolutely breathtaking and amazing to me is that all we have to do is to be willing to see our true identity.  Spirit will show us our holiness if we’re willing.

Still, we do have to be willing to walk away from the self-concept we’ve spent so long in the making.  

It takes courage.  This willingness.  It does, it really does.  

Willingness is a great, grand and glorious thing!

It has a marvelous power, like a blade of grass that can breakthrough the most stubborn concrete.  

We all have the ability to activate that power, to be willing.

Let’s be willing together!

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