Healing the Root of Unworthiness

December 11, 2021
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The sun is rising in our hearts!

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I’ve been thinking about the mental and emotional patterns of feeling unworthy quite a bit in the last few weeks, preparing for my classes on the topic.

Many of us have had some rather hard lessons in life when people we cared about very much were treating us poorly, taking advantage of us, neglecting us, and generally not honoring us.

In one sense we can think that it’s all about them. It’s about their lack and limitation thinking that they would treat us that way. Many believe they’re treated badly because they’re not worthy. What many don’t realize, and it took me having my own wake up call to realize is this:

When people are disrespectful and unkind to us, and we feel good about ourselves, or great about ourselves, what those other people do doesn’t matter so much. It falls in the land of “stuff happens.”

When we feel unworthy of Love, not good enough, and believe that something’s wrong with us, then it really upsets us when people treat us poorly.

What we may not realize is, they are helping us to realize that our thinking is stinking.

They’re performing a service by triggering us into realizing we need to change our thinking in order to change our experience. They’re drawn to us because like attracts like. People who mistreat others and behave in disrespectful ways are not feeling worthy.

Fortunately, we can turn this thinking around pretty quickly if we’re willing. Honestly, feeling worthy changed my experience of my entire life. I’m so glad I did what it took to shift my awareness and open my mind to the healing that was possible for me and is possible for those who wish it.

Are you interested in getting to the root of stinking thinking?

If that sounds good to you, come join us! Undoing Unworthiness is just getting started and the replay of the first class is available now!

Let’s have fun lightening our load and learning through Joy!

A belief in unworthiness, and a habit of self-attack undermines your happiness every moment of every day.

What could be more important than your happiness?

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