Humility Is a Gift

December 30, 2021

Flowers are breathtakingly beautiful, and they seem to carry with them the essence of humility.

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Humility is a gift we give ourselves.  It’s been one of the greatest gifts I’ve ever given myself.  

According to Merriam Webster’s dictionary, humility is lack of pride or arrogance.  

For me, I think of humility as being a state of awareness that recognizes there’s no one better than and no one less than another, because we recognize all is one.

Do I always have humility?  No, sometimes I trip over a false belief.

I won’t say I’m 100% without arrogance, but I don’t feel much pride.  Gratitude is more what I find myself feeling.

I am grateful that I can do beautiful work.  I don’t feel proud of it because I don’t feel like it’s all about me.  I recognize that ALL of my good work, my inspired work, my creativity and talent comes from my Higher Holy Spirit Self.  It’s not mine, it’s everyone’s.  

We’re all fed from the same source, so to have pride for my expressions of Love would mean I thought that it came from my personality rather than source.

One of the things we give attention to in my Masterful Living program is trading in pride and arrogance for humility.

We trade in the belief that being right is worth fighting over in favor of living the Love, and experiencing Peace through extending Love, compassion and kindness.  

When we live in this way, then our mind becomes healed and we inspire others to heal as well.  

It’s no coincidence that our family members have healing too.  Our minds are joined.  Of course there’s an effect on those who are near and dear to us.

Humility is required in order to recognize and value the unity of all life.  

Cultivating humility is required for awakening from the dream of separation and remembering our true identity.

Humility is worth cultivating.

It’s liberating.  

Liberation is what my programs are all about.  

We liberate ourselves from playing small and living in lack and limitation.

And then we naturally inspire others to follow in our heart steps.

This is how we do it!

If you’ve been saying that “someday” you’ll do Masterful Living, make it this year.  Each year we prove that spiritual practice saves time, money and prevents suffering, plus it’s profoundly healing to body, mind and spirit – as well as relationships and careers.  Who couldn’t use some of ALL of that – act now and you really CAN have it all!

Are you unsure if my Masterful Living Program 2022 is right for you?  Book an exploratory call with one of the spiritual counselors and let them answer all your questions.  Click here now to book an exploratory call.  If you’re going to join us next year in Masterful Living 2022, I encourage you to register early.  Make the commitment to yourself NOW and you’ll have so much to look forward to – including tremendous healing and transformation!  Give yourself this gift and you’ll be amazed at how your connection with Spirit will bloom!

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